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Touch Screen Displays


People interacting with a touch screen display

Touch Screen

Our interactive Touch Screen displays are simple to use and have everything you need to create a totally immersive experience for your customers.
If the thought of touch screen multi touch technology leaves you anxious or intimidated or just wondering where to start we are here to help and guide you.
The key point to remember when considering digital touch screen technology is this. Your potential and existing customers have complete control over the information they choose to review. The importance on good quality, professionally created, informative and unmatched content is critical to your future success. Your unique information should be delivered effortlessly and smoothly with easy to use graphics with clear instructions to prompt an immediate response from the customer.
Children interacting with a digital touch screen display


Whether your project requires just a wall mounted unit or a more complex integration into a custom made kiosk our knowledge and support is there, for you, all the way.
Here's how we can help....
All hardware is commercially built for continuous operation and built to last.
We supply the full solution including software and advice on creating stimulating and engaging content. (or cherry pick what you need)
Custom made kiosks are manufactured to order and can be colour adapted to any identity providing your customers with a totally dedicated information point at their fingertips.
Talk to us. Our knowledge is here to share with you.
We offer a totally separate consultancy which will evaluate your ideas or project brief and let you know if what you want to achieve is achievable.  


Then call us on 0330 333 6106 and let's create an amazing experience for your customers.