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LED Wall Tiles and Curtains

Very large LED curtain on a building 

LED Curtain

Are you an architect, property developer or property mogul? Looking for an idea that promotes your next development or a permanent solution that can advertise multiple messages from building facades both internally and externally? The LED curtain may well be that solution.
Awareness of large format screen advertising is becoming more and more apparent. regardless of size, LED curtain advertising shows content on a huge scale ideal for distance viewing. Content can be delivered locally or remotely by a single user and updated in real time. 
Our creative team design both stand alone and integrated solutions to various cross sector markets and are a full solutions LED screen provider. We are happy to rent static or mobile LED screens for sporting and marketing events. 
Our portfolio includes large building LED curtain drapes and LED Tiles for most advertising solutions.

Solid LED curtain in a retail shop window

As a full Solutions company our service portfolio includes the following:- 


Advice on the right solution in what is a very confusing market is critical. With the various brands of technology in the market at the moment quality and price can become a minefield. By talking to us we will guide you through the process  saving time and capital.

Concept Design

We are creative people and look upon your thoughts and aspirations and clever marketing not technology for technologies sake. Our design team love the challenge of something different and are motivated by conceptual ideas that defy the standard and aspire creativity.

Project Management

A good partnership is everything. We support you and ensure information and advice is fit for purpose. It's a simple extension of our creative instinct that ensures we deliver on our commitment.


Indoor or outdoor, from steelwork to content management software integration our technical partners have all that is necessary to deliver the final solution. We will work with you on selected elements or handle the complete solution on behalf of you or your client. 


Post sale support is as valuable to us just as much as it is to you. With your requirements we will provide full service level agreements consisting of a service desk including phone support, site warranties and on-site support for events. 

Content creation and Management

Our very clever content team will take your existing content or design and create your new content and deliver it through various easy to use content management systems we have available to us. We provide the leading edge support infrastructure that is scalable with your project.
For further information contact us on  0330 333 6106

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