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Interactive Window Display

Interactive Touch Window Display

Interactive touch window display
Are you a retailer, estate agent or restaurant owner wanting to attract attention and interest in a special way to your latest promotion?
How? By taking the promotional advantages of digital signage and making them interactive by simply touching your window glass.
Imagine window shoppers browsing through your on-line catalogue or your property portfolio or delicious menu from the pavement in front of your window day and night.
Estate agent interactive touch window display
Using a rather clever piece of interactive rear projection film applied to glass or acrylic, it transforms the surface into a single or dual touch veneer ideal for window displays. This see-thru' foil clings to the surface, meaning it can be used as a permanent or temporary installation. Your content is projected onto the rear of the foil using a commercial grade projector suited to the particular size of foil.
Alternatively, you could opt for a high brightness, digital screen suspended from your ceiling and placed directly behind you window glass where a transparent touch film interacts with  your digital display providing information at your your finger tips.
So its like putting your desk-top computer in your window replacing the screen for a piece of film and the mouse with your window shoppers finger!
So, what are the pro's and con's between these two unique solutions?

Interactive Projection Foil 


Foil can be peeled away and repositioned on any window
No need for any support or mounting system in the window area
Provides a frameless projected image
Larger touch foil kits available to increase window presence without changing the projection hardware
Bulb life on projectors reduced through continuous operation 
Extended re-routing of cabling from PC to Projector
Light pollution - Brighter projectors required to adjust to ambient lighting levels. (Minimum recommended 5000 lums)

 Interactive Touch Foil


Hardware local to window display allowing shorter cable runs
Quicker installation
No issues with light pollution
Virtually maintenance free and energy efficient
Hardware with Wifi network capability and Android platform capability

Hardware weight requires substantial mount support
Size availability restricted to screen size
Dressing to rear of screen to be considered
Permanent installation. No flexibility to relocate

You can even adapt the content to your visitor profile using our facial recognition software. By identifying the gender and age of your visitor the software you target specific information to that individual. For example, certain clothes ranges, property or meals can be delivered directly without the individual being aware. The software also lets you measure the popularity of the content shown giving you critical and measured information on the products you sell.


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