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Digital Menu Boards

Picture of size wall mounted 42" digital menu boards 

Digital Menu Boards

I imagine if you are in the food and drink industry you are seeing more and more restaurants, bars and fast food outlets adopting digital menu boards and digital posters as a steady replacement for traditional printed menus.
In a highly competitive industry you need to adapt instantly to ever changing consumer habits, vat, food prices, nutrition and allergy regulations. Not forgetting the constant re-printing of the menu’s and ensuring staff replace the menu’s particularly if you operate a network of outlets.
But are you anxious about bringing this new technology into your business?
The price of digital menu boards is the first hurdle and normally the first stumbling block in the decision process.
It can also be quite bewildering with all the digital menu systems out there capable of measuring menu views, who’s looked at the menu not to mention the amount of information you can place on a single screen.
Well, help is here. You’ll get professional advice on the best solution for you based on your situation. From a single menu screen to a complete network of screens.
For example
How many and what size screens will work best for your restaurant, bar or outlet with the space available.
Content creation that engages customers to take action.
Management and delivery i.e USB or remote update via the internet?
Monetising space on screen for supplier and local trades to generate additional revenue thereby bringing a quicker return on your investment.
Full installation by qualified technicians.
Complimentary after sale and technical telephone support for the life of the project.
Learn more and lets show you what makes our system unique.
We've put together this handy guide to help you though the do's and don'ts when considering buying your first digital menu board.
Front cover of 14 do's and don'ts when buying digital menu boards


To receive your copy just hit the red contact tab at the bottom of this page with your name and email address and we'll send it over.

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Then contact us on 0330 333 6106 and let's get your project off the ground.
 "On receiving the brief to provide electronic menu displays at a new outlet opening, James provided sound technical and operational advice, that enabled the Company to make an informed decision of which model best suited our existing and future needs.
In addition, James also provided a customer focused install / set-up service that was tailored to our use and level of expertise within our business"
Technical Director - Wrapchic The Indian Burrito Co.